Starting Early

At what age did you decide to start travelling? At what age did you even contemplate journeying around the world? Well a young boy from Astrakhan in southern Russia decided to venture off at the age of 8 years old.

The young kid left a note for his mother stating that he wanted to “travel the world” and thus he set off. Armed with only a toy, encyclopaedias, money from his piggy bank, and a banana, he boarded a bus and set off. The boy’s mother contacted police after finding the note and a few hours later he was found by police. Apparently he had travelled on 3 buses and had continued on foot before the authorities caught him.

As always when something like this happens he became a social media star for his desire to explore.

A number of twitter users commented on his exploits, one stating “An eight-year-old boy from Astrakhan undertakes a round-the-world-trip by foot. Whereas I complain when I have to travel across town”.

Another tweet read “[I] respect his willingness to get the hell out of Astrakhan”.

But it wasn’t all positive, some users wrote about how expensive it is to travel “Seriously, though, this makes me really sad, because today for most Russians it’s not just an around-the-world trip that is too expensive, they can’t even afford to go to another country” which is an unfortunate circumstance for some.

I don’t know about you, but as a child I was way too scared to venture off on my own like this and some Twitterers (?) also wrote about their own attempts at travel, “I also left a similar note when I was a kid. But before the journey, I decided to lay down for a bit to gain strength and fell asleep. In the end, I wasn’t allowed to go” one user wrote.

And to end this on a life lesson for all, other wrote that “the boy will be shocked to learn that in adult life this round-the-world trip will be his ordinary commute to work”.

If you have any stories like this, of your young desire to travel, please do get in touch with me, all my contact details can be found right here.

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