Live Outside

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and my adopted home for the past eleven months; but now I’ve left this magnificent place and heading onward to pastures new. But first I need to let you all know what I got up to in the last few months in the city.

Let’s go and live outside for a bit and start with the parks I visited; in short, and in no particular order, I went to Cișmigiu Gardens, Parcul Tineretului, Grădina Herăstrău, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, and the Botanical Gardens. My favourite was probably Tineretului Park as there was so much to see, from the turtles in the lakes to the high rise buildings of the city and even a massive Triceratops, it was a kids toy but still, a Triceratops. I really enjoyed strolling around both Herăstrău and Alexandru Ioan Cuza so much I did it quite a bit during my time in the capital; I often went to them just to get out of the apartment, as it was so much cooler under the trees than it was sat under the AC!

Museums were also notable places I went to see. The Antipa Museum was the first institution I went to, it was filled with all kinds of stuffed animals that can be found in Romania, from the birds of the Danube Delta, to the bears of the Apuseni mountains; along with other creatures that can be found outside the country’s border like polar bears, monkeys and even skeletons of prehistoric creatures. Some of the taxidermy was really well presented, and some was really not well done, some looked like god’s mistakes, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of them though. The next museum I went to was the National Museum of Romanian History which mostly displayed, as the name would suggest, historical installations from Romania such as religious artifacts and iconography, to communist space toys, and even a cast of Trajan’s column. The other notable academy I went to was the Astronomical Observatory where I even got to look through a gigantic telescope.

After eleven months in Bucharest, living with Lori and Lexa, I said my goodbyes. During July I had gotten really homesick and booked a cheap flight from Timisoara so I had to make my way there, I was going via Cluj-Napoca just so I could pop in and see some old friends again before leaving. Persevering through my emotions I was able to pack all my belongings up into my bags, clean all my mess and head out. My housemates walked me to the metro station and we all hugged before I travelled to my bus, it was tough to leave. I really don’t know why, but the station I was departing from was hard to find, and I was really starting to think I was going to miss my bus; luckily I made it in time to catch my bus, unluckily my bus was broken and wouldn’t be going anywhere for the next hour as the stabilizer for the door had fallen off so we were all stood outside in the cold. Before midnight struck we were on the road though.

I disembarked in Cluj-Napoca, my first home in this amazing country and made my way to my hostel, Transylvania Hostel. After settling in and getting some food, I had a little nap and then headed out to meet some friends. It was really good to catch up with them again, I got to see some of my old haunts and I got to see how they had changed since I’d been gone, La Tevi even had renovation work so the terrace was bigger and the toilets had moved! The next day I took a bit of a walk around the city, headed up to the Citadel viewpoint and I fell in love with this city all over again, it was easy to see why I spent so long here. I didn’t go out that night as I was still tired from my overnight bus so I took it slow that night and went to bed early. With my final day in Cluj, I visited the Zoological museum located on the University campus and similarly to the Antipa museum, there was a load of stuffed animals; I also headed to meet another friend in the city, Cristi and we chatted for a while before sharing dinner and then I headed back to my accommodation.

On the Friday morning I checked out of the hostel and walked to the bus station. Having told hundreds of people how to get to the station I should’ve known the way there but unfortunately, I didn’t listen to myself and promptly got lost, I quickly found myself again, and just in time to get my ticket to Timisoara.

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