Let’s Drink

If you haven’t yet read my previous post on the activities I got up to in Cluj-Napoca, please do read that first as it introduces my time in the city; whereas this entry is more of a critique of the bars and the shenanigans I got up to in them.

Have a drink on me!

From Out Of Nowhere

As I stated in my last post I left my hostel at 6am to walk to the bus station on the other side of town. According to my map, it would only take 45 minutes, as it was on the complete other side of town, but I really wanted to get out of that hostel. In comparison to yesterday, the streets of Pisa were deserted and I was actually able to get a few more pics as I passed through. I got to my stop a good hour and a half early so I just waited. Eventually the bus arrived and I boarded my journey to Rome.

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Life @ 11

Madrid confuses me. There is a clear distinction between drivers in Madrid and the pedestrians. The drivers seem to be out to kill, they don’t seem to like to stop and they despise other drivers. The pedestrians on the other hand are calm, peaceful and really like to take their time walking, and they adore moving in large crowds swarming all over the footpath.

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