Bedside Manners Are Extra

The last time I updated this blog was all the way back in September. That’s a long time. In fairness, I haven’t done all that much in the meantime. I spent all autumn and the start of winter volunteering in Thessaloniki, and December and January back in the UK.

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Icarus Lives!

Arriving at Exeter airport with just a bag on my back and a passport in my pocket I said a tearful goodbye to friends and family. Part of me wondered if this was the right decision to make but the other part of myself told me I need to do this! After checking in my bag and going through security I sat in the airport lounge trying to spend my last few pound coins as I realised I won’t need them for a while.
As soon as we boarded I started to get moths in my belly, like butterflies but worse! I don’t recall much of the flight as I fell asleep shortly after takeoff but the passenger beside me told me I wasn’t snoring which was a relief.
Coming into Amsterdam was wonderful as you could see all the wind farms on the coast and then the flatlands as we descended. Getting out of Schiphol airport was very confusing and couldn’t work the train ticket machine, luckily someone helped me out. After about 19 minutes on the train I arrived in Amsterdam to start my adventure.


A few years ago, I decided I would love to travel across Europe but I was not committed enough to plan anything.
Then, earlier this year I realised I would be 25 in May and wanted to significantly change my life so with help of friends and family I finally got something in place. So the following posts are a documentation of my travels around Europe…