Forest With This Memory Of A Free Festival

The remainder of my days in Amsterdam were usually spent in a park on the south side of the centre. I was half trying to gain my bearings and half trying to avoid the clusters of people dominating the tourist spots. Ultimately I spent 3 nights in the Dutch capital before boarding a train to my next destination; the less touristic Apeldoorn. Continue reading “Forest With This Memory Of A Free Festival”

The Blister Exists

Having left the hostel pretty early (around 10am), I mapped out a route in my head so I could see all the sights I wanted to including Rembrandt Square, a couple of gardens, some chapels/churches and Anne Frank’s house.
Turns out my sense of direction is terrible, either that or the signs in Amsterdam are wrong. I’m siding with the latter. I searched everywhere for the first church on my map and came across a fantastic looking building, turns out it was actually a cafe!

Continue reading “The Blister Exists”

We Sail Into The Black

Having found my hostel, which was pretty easy; I checked in, and checked out my bed for the next couple of nights. The hostel is pretty simple in terms of home comforts, a bed and a locker but then again I wasn’t expecting anything more. I have stayed in hostels before but only with school excursions, so this was a completely new experience for me as I was now sharing a 12 bed dorm with complete strangers rather than classmates.
Once I had settled myself I took a walk around Amsterdam just trying to get accustomed to the area. Found a little pizza/pasta restaurant and had some decent food. Turns out this was actually just across from the hostel and I had gotten slightly lost while wandering about.
After that I headed to bed in my shared dorm which was an acceptable nights sleep considering the other resident’s shenanigans. Woke up early and headed out to explore the sights of Amsterdam.