Last One Out of Liberty City

So I’ve officially been living in Bucharest since October, and in all honesty I haven’t done all that much during my time here, well it doesn’t feel that way anyway. In short, I’ve worked, walked around the city, visited a lot of bars, visited a few parks, and been to quite a few shows.

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20 minutes from the Bulgarian border, on the coast of the black sea, lays a small village that grew from absolute anonymity to a place of hedonism and party. Vama Veche, or as it’s translated, Old Customs, was a small residential village until about 20 years ago when it grew into the beast we all know and love today…

Deschide-ti ochii!

Dream House

Sighişoara was the last time I updated this and quite honestly I haven’t been to many places since, well no more cities or anything, but I have explored a lot of places within the Romania’s second city; Cluj-Napoca. I first arrived into Cluj-Napoca on the 20th January and after visiting Sibiu, Brasov and the aforementioned, Sighişoara; I decided to come back because I adored the place, the vibe and the general feel. Oh, and I didn’t believe I had seen enough of the city.

Let’s see the city together